Toe Clip Draft Horse Shoes
Toe Clip Draft Horse Shoes

Toe Clip Draft Horse Shoes

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Draft Horse shoes with toe clips designed by Horsing Around. Our horse shoes have been designed with the correct number of nails for both left and right shoes so each set will contain two left, and two right,shoes.


  • Large Classic: measures 0.75 inches (19.0 mm) long and 0.70 inches (17.7 mm) wide (at widest point)
  • Small Traditional: measures 0.85 inches (21.5 mm) long and 0.82 inches (20.9 mm) wide (at widest point)
  • Traditional: measures 1.02 inches (25.9 mm) long and 0.95 inches (24.1 mm) wide (at widest point)
  • Large Traditional:  measures 1.09 inches (27.7 mm) long and 1.05 inches (26.7 mm) wide (at widest point)
  • 1/6 Miniaturism:  measures 1.09 inches (27.7 mm) long and 1.05 inches (26.7 mm) wide (at widest point)
Model Horse Scales

Our collection of model horses, and accessories, come in many different scales. To help you understand what these different scales mean we've have put this little guide together for you.

Model Horses Horse Drawn Vehicles
1:6th Scale Miniaturism, Playscale 1:6th Scale 2" Scale
1:8th Scale Large Traditional 1:8th Scale 1½" Scale
1:9th Scale Traditional 1:10th Scale European Scale
1:10th Scale Small Traditional, Large Classic 1:12th Scale 1" Scale, Doll House Scale
1:12th Scale Classic, Julip 1:20th Scale Half European Scale
1:20th Scale Large Littlebit, CollectA 1:16th Scale ¾" Scale
1:24th Scale Littlebit, Schleich, Papo, Mojo 1:24th Scale ½" Scale, Half Dolls House Scale
1:28th Scale Large Stablemate 1:32nd Scale Britains, Siku, Gauge 1 Railways
1:32nd Scale Stablemate, Kids Globe    
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