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Raffia Flowers

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Horsing Around
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Product information

Draft horse raffia flowers designed by Horsing Around. These flowers cast in pewter feature fine relief detail and would make a great addition to any draft horse as can been see in the extra image provided.

Usually 5 flowers are used on a hitch horse and 7,9, or 11 on a halter horse.

Cast in white metal - 1/28th Stablemate scale

Display model is 'Sleepy Shire' sculpted by Donna Chaney of Animal Artistry. Customising, resculpting and paint work in pastels by Vanessa Crawley. He has had a resculpted mane, forelock and tail docked. He is ready for the show ring with the additions of Shire show bridle, ribbon with class number, ribbons to mane and tail, and raffia.

Tail raffia has been customised with the removal of side ribbons (this can be easily done with nail clippers), making these raffia flowers very versatile. 'Sleepy Shire' is available in unpainted resin direct from Donna Chaney of Animal Artistry at http://www.animalartistry.co.uk

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