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Artist: James Richmond
Edition: 75
Material: Polyurethane Resin
Finish: Unpainted
Stock: In Stock
Despatch: Normally within 7 days


Showmaster is an American Saddlebred stallion sculpted by James Richmond. The American Saddlebred is ideally suited for all types of competition so makes this resin ideal for performance classes.

Showmaster can either be bought as a clean casting priced at £99.00 ex VAT, or as a raw casting priced at only £66.33 ex VAT. The raw casting option allows you to save yourself 33% off our normal price if you don't mind doing a little work! A raw casting is straight from the mould and has had no, or very little work done to it.

Other Info:
Showmaster is 9.6 inches (24.4cm) tall to the ears and cast in Smooth-On polyurethane resin as used by most US hobby casters. Legs are wire reinforced for added strength. He is a limited edition of 75 pieces and supplied unpainted. 

Price: From 66.33 ex VAT

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