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Draft Horse Shoes (set of 4)
Draft Horse Shoes (set of 4)

Draft Horse Shoes (set of 4)

Classic scale set of 4 Draft Horse shoes designed by the Horsing Around Tack Shop. These horse shoes have been designed with the correct number of nails for both left and right shoes so each set will contain two left, and two right, shoes.

These beautifully designed shoes have been cast in pewter so that you can carefully fit them to the shape of your model's hooves. These shoes measure 19.0mm (0.75") wide (side to side at widest point) and 17.7mm (0.70") long (toe to heel).

Suitable for Classic sized Draft Horse resins and Breyer ie. Breyer Shire / American Spotted Drafter

Price: £5.99 ex VAT

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