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Price: 125.00 Ex. VAT
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Polyurethane Resin
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Product information

Samson is a Vanner stallion sculpted by Doris Lindner and Frances Stevens. Frances has worked her magic on Doris Lindner's original shire model and transformed him into a picture perfect Vanner stallion. We then shrank him down so he is 2" (5cm) smaller than Cromwell to be more in keeping with a Vanner's size. He has all the characteristics you would expect with his long elegant mane and tail, feathers and the exciting variations of colours available he is a must for your show string!

Samson can either be bought as a clean casting priced at £195.00 ex VAT, or as a raw casting priced at only £125.00 ex VAT. The raw casting option allows you to save money against our normal price if you don't mind doing a little work! A raw casting is straight from the mould and has had no, or very little work done to it.

Other Info:
Samson is 7.4 inches (18.8cm) tall to the ears and cast in Smooth-On polyurethane resin as used by most US hobby casters. Legs are wire reinforced for added strength. He is a limited edition of 75 pieces and supplied unpainted.

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