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Joi's Diamond

Price: 125.00 Ex. VAT
Product ID:
Monika Baumann
Polyurethane Resin
Normally within 21-28 days
In stock

Product information

Joi's Diamond, Quarter Horse Stallion sculpted by Monika Baumann of Germany. This is Monika's first original sculpture and she has excelled with this guy. He is in traditional pose and he would look great inhand or ridden. He has so much detail and would look fantastic in all colours.

Joi's Diamond can either be bought as a clean casting priced at £195.00 ex VAT, or as a raw casting priced at only £125.00 ex VAT. The raw casting option allows you to save money against our normal price if you don't mind doing a little work! A raw casting is straight from the mould and has had no, or very little work done to it.

Other Info:
He is 8.75 inches (22.2 cm) tall to the ears and cast in Smooth-On polyurethane resin as used by most US hobby casters. Legs are wire reinforced for added strength. He is a limited edition of 125 pieces and supplied unpainted.

Additional photo and paintwork showing Joi's Diamond haired by Josie Uschi Genu.

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